How to find the best bankruptcy attorney in Milwaukee WI


May you never find the need for a bankruptcy lawyer, but if ever you are facing bankruptcy then you need to know where to look and how to look for a competent attorney who can help you out. Bankruptcy comes with a lot of baggage both financial and emotional; the process of filing for bankruptcy too is a very stressful, complex and long drawn process with no guarantee that all your problems will end once you file for it.

During such tough and trying times you need the help of someone who is experienced in these matters and has the required expertise to help you reach safe shores.

You must have seen several advertisements of bankruptcy lawyers on TV, Internet and billboards and heard on radio. But how would you know if they are really good and know the tricks of the trade as they claim. Your friends too might have limited knowledge; you can search online too.

There are several reputed and capable bankruptcy lawyers in Milwaukee WI who can help you weather the storm. You can Google the various bankruptcy firms in Milwaukee and read their websites to know more about these firms.

But here comes the question on how to choose one who understands your situation and is approachable and affordable too; bankruptcy lawyers are very expensive and it makes it all the more important that you choose one who is right for the job.

Here are a few tips to help you locate the best bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee, WI. Milwaukee weather can get pretty cold, emotionally bankrupt!

  • Look for specialized bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy laws are complicated and not all lawyers are capable of handling bankruptcy cases. There are specialized bankruptcy firms that exclusively handle these kinds of cases only. You can either go to such firms or identify an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy. Read up on the firm or private practice thoroughly before you decide if they are capable of handling your case. They should have successfully handled bankruptcy cases in the past. Read client testimonies on the website and if possible contact the client to know more. A good lawyer stands between success and failure irrespective of how weak or strong a case is.

  • List out the advantages and disadvantages of each shortlisted lawyer

You should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of big law firm’s vs. individual practices. First and foremost the bigger firms will have a more experienced group of lawyers and more resources at their behest; they will always have someone as a backup if your attorney fails to show up for whatever reason. On the flip side their fees too will be high. In comparison, the smaller firms or private practices will offer a very personal and one-to-one service; they will consider your case as their own and work passionately for it. They will be more open to hearing you out and will be more approachable. Their fees too will be lesser than the other firms. But beyond all these minor factors you must identify the individual lawyer’s capability to win cases.

  • Clarify the authenticity of the lawyer with the Bar Association

You should check out the Milwaukee, WI bar association lists for bankruptcy attorneys and for the most sought after lawyers in your state. The bar association lists are a great guide because they review all complaints and also list if any disciplinary action has been taken against any attorney. You can always check the worthiness of your lawyer in these websites.

  • Meet in person

An experienced lawyer can turn the tide of any case and any argument. Often just website testimonials are not enough to gauge the capability of an attorney. Request for a free consultation with the selected list of lawyers and ask the following questions to determine if they can handle your case:

  • How long have you been practicing bankruptcy law?
  • How many cases do you file per year?
  • What do you specialize in? Chapter 7 or chapter 13 or both?
  • Is bankruptcy law your sole specialty or do you handle other branches also.
  • What alternate solutions can you offer to my problem?

Select one who seems the most competent of the lot. You should be confident about your lawyer’s ability to handle your case.

Bankruptcy is tough but it can be even worse if you are saddled with a lawyer who is inept at handling your claims. That is why you should make an effort, do the research and collect as much details as possible on the best bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee, WI before you handover your case for filing. The complexities and changing rules in bankruptcy law cannot be comprehended by anyone who is not handling these cases on a regular basis. Remember to ask your lawyer the above questions to ensure that he/she knows the job and will deliver when required.